Microblading is the manual method of Permanent Cosmetics for brows, RE-INVENTED! With Microblading, we can give clients the life-like, dimensional and realistic looking hairs strokes within the brow. It lasts around 12-18 months and requires regular “color freshen ups” annually to maintain optimal results.

Microblading Essentials Education through Sassy Wink Academy provides a comprehensive curriculum for students to learn this exciting skill and begin a career as a Professional Microblading Artist.

What To Expect:

Students can expect to spend an intensive 3 full days in theoretical and hands-on practical training specific to Microblading techniques. Optional opportunity to work on a live model with one-on-one teacher support in a Live Model Mentor Session. As well as 6 months continuing support via Voxer and ongoing mentorship opportunities.

Each state is regulating permanent cosmetics differently and usually under body art/tattoo. The ideal Microblading student has a background in beauty and skin (cosmetologist, esthetician or permanent makeup artist).

The Ideal Microblading Student Candidate

When it comes to the skill of Microblading, the artist must learn how to:

Design the eyebrows specific to the unique brow bone and facial structure.

Master the ability to create consistent hair stroke patterns, mirroring one another on each brow.

Apply all developed abilities while incorporating all Sassy Wink Academy guidelines, as instructed.

The ideal Microblading student is dedicated, meticulous and knows that practice and patience will be necessary while developing the muscle memory and knowledge attached to microblading skill and artistry. Rushing into working on live skin immediately after class is not best practice.

*Check with your local state board of cosmetology and department of health for specific requirements.

Estimated Stats:

***all numbers are aproximate and may vary depending on clientele, location, marketing and tips are not included.

Tuition (3 day course)

Average service charge (approx. depending on market and area)

Weekly income: based on 5 clients per week

Annual Income: low end (not including tips)

Benefits of this course:

Learn the most cutting edge eyebrow tattoo technique on the market!

Upgrade your skills and increase income potential.

Comprehensive curriculum. Each concept builds upon the next and culminates with a live model demo by instructor.

Practice on specialized brow pattern worksheets and synthetic skins.

Hands on interaction and collaboration with trainer and fellow students during class.

Optional one-on-one live model practice and future live model mentorship sessions available.

Free “Shadow Sessions” *

Certificate of Completion

6 months continuing support via Voxer

Student professional starter kit

What you will learn:

Microblading is a form of tattoo (implanting color into the skin) and falls under permanent cosmetics. As such, it is a skill that requires in depth knowledge and continual practice as you work to refine your artistry. A solid understanding of principals from brow mapping, skin conditions, color theory, specific technique, infection control and much more is needed for foundational understanding. Through the Sassy Wink Academy Microblading Essentials course you will learn:

Designer Brow Concepts

Working Conditions and Safety Protocols

Microblading Tray Set Up

How to Design the Brow for Procedure

Client Consultation

Step-by-Step Microblading Procedure

Color Theory Principals and Microblading

Marketing Skills

After Care Instructions

Microblading Essentials Including:

Skin Conditions & Contraindicators

Multiple Hairstroke Techniques and Patterns

Achieving Proper Depth

AND much much more…

Class Cost

3 Day Course – $3000

Opt. one-on-one Live Model $600

Reviews From Previous Students

    5 star review  What is the newest trend hitting the beauty industry? Microblading! I could not be any more thrilled that I took the leap and joined Sassy Wink Academy for training! "If you cannot draw it, do not tattoo it." This Sassy Wink quote, captured my attention immediately. Many companies are capitalizing on this new trend, offering full training within 3 days. If you work in the beauty industry, like me, you know a skill like microblading, takes time, dedication and a lot of practice to master! With Sassy Winks training program, you spend 3 days alone, learning the theory and fundamentals of microblading. You are given the proper guidance and tools to begin practicing this form of art on paper, as well as artificial skin. With this new found knowledge, you begin practicing, learning and developing. A month following my introduction, acquiring these new skills, I was able to return to Sassy Wink, for an additional class. With the guidance of Amber, I was allowed hands on education. She provided me with the equipment and techniques, to provide two beautiful models with their first microblading experience (and mine, eek). I am so thankful I had a full month, to build my skills, dexterity and muscle memory, prior to hands on practice, on someone's beautiful face. Following my education, I have been given continual support and input. Sassy Wink is passionate about their work, and their students. They ensure that you leave with the best skill set for your microblading experience! I am so excited for what is to come in furthering my career. I am so happy that I chose Sassy Wink to guide me through this journey and I am grateful for their willingness to help me not only through the training, but afterwards!

    thumb Shylah Faulkes

    5 star review  My training at Sassy Wink academy with Amber was wonderful! I left the course feeling knowledgeable and confident to move forward with my new business venture. The 3 day class was the perfect amount of time leaving me feeling thoroughly educated without being overwhelmed. I would highly recommend to anyone!

    thumb Karley Dawson

    5 star review  It's a lot of information to absorb in those few days. This craft isn't mastered in class and that expectation was made clear from the start. However, she will give you the tools that you need to be as successful as you want to be.

    thumb Melissa Joy

Lead Trainer – Amber Arrington

16 years licensed esthetician

Make up artist for companies such as Christian Dior, Victoria Secret Beauty and Merle Norman

2010 Eyelash Extension Professional

2013 Advanced Volume Lash Education (Lash Boom World and Irina Levchuck Lash and Brow Academy (from Moscow, Russia) and 6D Eyebrow Embroidery (aka Microblading)

2014 Founder of NEESA (National Eyelash Education and Safety Association)

2014 Founder of Lash Wars (North America’s first non brand specific eyelash extension competition).

2015 Microblading Course with Branko Babic of Phi Brows (from Serbia). First Certified Phi Brows Microblading Artist in Arizona

2015 Educator with IBS (International Beauty Show NYC) – Eyelash Extensions

2015 Color Pro Color Theory Course

2016 Judge for Novalash Lash Off

2016 Fundamental Permanent Make Up Certification with Huntington Academy (Karen Holvey CPCP)

2016 Tattooing Living Color (advanced permanent makeup up color theory course) with Teryn Darling of Girlz Ink)

2016 Continuing Education -Microblading and Ombre Brows with Deluxe Brows

Class Cost

3 Day Course – $3000

Opt. one-on-one Live Model $600

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