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Why Get Trained in Microblading?
Brows are in! And they are bigger than ever! It’s ALL ABOUT THE BROW! With Microblading techniques, clients can finally have the eyebrows they crave without being married to that “block of color, sharpie” look and without the hassle of daily filling in. Microblading offers the most natural and realistic permanent makeup approach to eyebrow tattoo. When done correctly, “It looks like real hairs!’

Becoming trained in Microblading allows you to add to your arsenal of beauty skills and give your clients what they are begging you for: Natural, Beautiful, Brows.

How long is the class?
The Microblading Essentials Course is offered completely ONLINE inside our cutting edge, virtual training platform. Students have 24/7 access for one year. The course is self-paced so you can move as fast as you would like through the material.
Can I really learn this skill online?
Yes! It’s actually so much easier to learn this way. Enjoy 60 lessons, over 40 professional videos, quizzes, printable student workbook and all inside of 13 modules! You can navigate through this course at your own pace, re-watch videos as many times as needed with a FRONT row seat to the detail. No need to fight other students off in a crowded class to see up close. You are in control of your learning environment and won’t have to go through the trouble of leaving a physical class and forgetting most everything!
How much does it cost?
Microblading Essentials retails for $1997. Watch the webinar (CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE) in its entirety to see if this course is the right fit for you and receive special pricing!
What days of the week are classes held?
Online courses start daily.
I definitely want to practice on a live model, why isn't this offered as a standard part of the course?
It is the philosophy of Microblading Essentials founder that most students are not ready to begin working on live skin alone after just a 2-5 day course. Weeks and months of practice on paper and synthetic skins is mandatory in order to develop the understanding, muscle memory and new skills for the microblading technique to begin to be performed independently on live models.

Sassy Wink Academy offers ongoing mentorship and future live model practice opportunities (send an email to [email protected] to request a live model day with Amber ). There should be NO RUSHING into working on live faces until the student can consistently design two matching brows, duplicate proper hair stroke patterns (mirrored on both brows) and with consistent depth on the mannequin and artificial skin.

What comes with the course?
With your Microblading Essentials Course you gain immediate 24/7 online access to the curriculum, receive a PDF student workbook, professional student kit (to complete all practicing) and a certificate of completion.
How will I know where to buy product?
Your student workbook includes a handout on vendors to purchase more supplies from as you need to replenish and add to your kit.
Do I need special licensing or insurance to offer this service?
Each state regulates permanent cosmetics/tattoo/body art uniquely. It is up to you to check with your state board of cosmetology and state department of health and county for current regulations and licensing requirements. You should carry professional permanent makeup liability insurance. Your student workbook includes a handout with suggested companies to obtain quotes from.
Do you offer ongoing support?
Yes! You should never feel alone! Students have the option of working with the instructor one-on-one via the VOXER app. For a nominal fee, students can communicate with the instructor daily or as needed through VOXER sending texts, voice messages, sending pictures or video.
Will I be certified to do Microblading after this class?
Sassy Wink Academy provides education on Microblading Essentials. Upon leaving the course, students receive a Certificate of Completion, but are not “certified”. There is no certifying body for Microblading.
Do I receive a certificate?
What comes in the professional student kit?
  • Pigment

  • Measuring tools

  • Pigment rings

  • Marking pencil

  • Disposable Microblading Pens

  • Needle Assortment

  • Mannequin 

  • Synthetic Skin Materials

    *Subject to Change

I’m not an esthetician, cosmetologist or permanent makeup artist, can I take a microblading course through Sassy Wink Academy?

Yes. As long as you are in compliance with your city/state/province requirements for tattooing. Check with your state department of health, state board of cosmetology or the like.


How quickly can I expect to begin taking clients after this course?

It depends on YOU. Some students dedicate themselves to hours of daily practice and begin working on models within weeks, taking paying clients in a matter of a month or two. Others slowly work towards this goal and may take 3 months or more before they are actually beginning to take clients. Those who take advantage of mentorship via Voxer app may reach their goals faster. Be gentle with yourself and allow yourself the time to build up the necessary skill and confidence before taking paying clients. On average, with focused and daily practice, one might expect to be feeling a level of confidence in their microblading skill within 3-6 months.